Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Costa Rica Yoga Retreat, February 2008

We had an incredible retreat to Costa Rica, February 2008. See pics of happy retreat-goers below, or click here to see a whole lot more photos. (Set it to "slideshow"!)

I am so glad I went on this yoga retreat. It healed me in body, mind, and soul, and was perfect. --Gina, Brooklyn

The environment in which the classes were being held was spectacular, and was a definite catalyst for relaxation and deepening one's practice. And everyone on the trip was so beautiful. It created a comfortable environment to challenge yourself in. I loved the fact that the classes built off of previous classes. –Sarah, Brooklyn

Restorative, delightful, magical.--Louisa, Brooklyn

Lovely!--Molly, Brooklyn

I enjoyed every single class and I did them all. I just loved to be on the floor. It was challenging, hard, and nice and I just tried to be present. I loved to be surrounded by the air, sounds from nature and the others. —Gunn, Oslo, Norway

I just loved it! It was a kind generous, warm and welcoming place. The food was the best! And the knowledge and attitude of the staff was inspiring and really important for the whole experience.
--Lina, Oslo, Norway

"Perfect!" "5 stars" "Two thumbs up--way up!"--Casey, Brooklyn

To see more photos, click here. Contact us at samatreats gmail com.


Bella said...

The pictures were beautiful!!!!! It looked amazing- I hope and pray to make the next one! All my love from the gold coast!


jesi k said...

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