Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Costa Rica Yoga Retreat, February 2008

We had an incredible retreat to Costa Rica, February 2008. See pics of happy retreat-goers below, or click here to see a whole lot more photos. (Set it to "slideshow"!)

I am so glad I went on this yoga retreat. It healed me in body, mind, and soul, and was perfect. --Gina, Brooklyn

The environment in which the classes were being held was spectacular, and was a definite catalyst for relaxation and deepening one's practice. And everyone on the trip was so beautiful. It created a comfortable environment to challenge yourself in. I loved the fact that the classes built off of previous classes. –Sarah, Brooklyn

Restorative, delightful, magical.--Louisa, Brooklyn

Lovely!--Molly, Brooklyn

I enjoyed every single class and I did them all. I just loved to be on the floor. It was challenging, hard, and nice and I just tried to be present. I loved to be surrounded by the air, sounds from nature and the others. —Gunn, Oslo, Norway

I just loved it! It was a kind generous, warm and welcoming place. The food was the best! And the knowledge and attitude of the staff was inspiring and really important for the whole experience.
--Lina, Oslo, Norway

"Perfect!" "5 stars" "Two thumbs up--way up!"--Casey, Brooklyn

To see more photos, click here. Contact us at samatreats gmail com.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Flight Info

We recommend booking this trip to get the best deals and the most direct flights. On the layover in San Jose on the way back you can go to a cafe for lunch. Prices as listed Nov 21, 2008.

On JFK - SJO for $351.02
On SJO - PJM for $228
Total = $579.02


JFK - SJO, Feb 6, 2009
TACA #LR661 5:20am arr 9:25am

SJO - PJM (Puerto Jimenez)
SANSA #616 11am - 12:24pm

PJM - SJO, Feb 14, 2009
SANSA #617 12:34 - 1:32pm

SJO - JFK, Feb 14, 2009
TACA #LR660 7:35pm arr 1:30am

Other options. Note that you must use Internet Explorer when browsing
SJO - Puerto Jimenez, Feb 6, 2009
#616 11am arr 12:24 (stops in Drake Bay)
#618 12:18 arr 1:18 (direct)
#658 2:16 arr 3:16 (direct)

Puerto Jimenez - SJO, Feb 14, 2009
#2623 6:55 am arr 7:53 (direct)
#3617 8:10am arr 9:10
#657 12:32 arr 1:30
#617 12:34 arr 1:32
#619 1:28 arr 2:26

You can also fly into Golfito, but it's not as nice.
SJO - Golfito, Feb 6, 2009
#3612 9:24 arr 10:27
#614 2:14 arr 3:17

Golfito - SJO, Feb 14, 2009
#2611 6:58am arr 7:58am
#3613 10:37 arr 11:37